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Hell yes

10 stars all the way.


This deserves a higher score. I'm gonna vote 5 constantly till it's higher. Needs a little more compression in a couple areas but overall very very good.

Intense compression

This is mastered very well, and the style is very good. I can find nothing wrong with it whatsoever, you get 10 stars. Nice sidechaining too by way.

roboleon responds:

thanks man but it wusnt made by me it was made by my good friend adraen he gets the credit in this song he just asked me if i could put it in

Nice style

I like it, this is quite a bit different from what I usually make. My only complaint is that high hat is a little much, takes away from the harmony.

AngelofPeace responds:

Thanks for the review. I'll fix the problem.

I like it

Especially the drums, very catchy. Somebody wrote how gay do you have to be to listen to this, well my response would be how homophobic do you have to be to not even give good music a chance because you think gay people listen to it. I'm straight by the way. Great song all around. Yeah you could be a Dj, find one of those under 18 clubs (although they kinda suck).

Prodigal responds:

The abusive review has been dealt with, so there is no more worries about that. it's just too bad that people have to be that sad to make fun of music.

Pretty nice

The others are giving a low rating without any criticism, so I will, repetative beat, all the synth instruments are too similar, they all just kind of blend in together, needs some mastering done in certain parts it's got a bit of static, and there's not a single low pitch in the whole thing except the repetitive generic bassline. Keep in mind this is criticism, I didn't point out the good parts which are many.

alexjav21 responds:

yey helpful advice. Its alot better then people just saying "it sucks"
thanks :)

Too much chaos

Don't get me wrong when I say too much chaos, constructive critictism, I love metal, just not enough form/harmony in certain parts, gets badass at 2:00, fine from there on in. Sounds meshuggah-ish.

JonSantiago responds:

I would'nt call it constructive criticism more like your opinion. This track is just balls to wall so I think the "chaos" factor is good in this one. Thanks for listening.

Absolute distorted glory

I've been listening to some of your songs for about the past 30 mins, but this one is definately my favorite.

culmor30 responds:

:D :D

Thanks for reviewing :]

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